BGRA thanks all for patience on October 18

The BGRA would like to offer its thanks to the trainers, stewards and patrons for their patience and understanding of the issues that resulted in a significant delay to racing at the Club’s meeting on Friday October 18.


The BGRA prides itself on producing a reputable, consistent and most importantly safe racing surface each and every time a race meeting or trial session is conducted at the venue and takes the incident yesterday seriously with the view of ensuring processes are in place to avoid a repeat incident as well as better rectifying similar situations in the future. Unfortunately even with the best preparations and intentions things can go wrong.


In short, after an irrigation malfunction overnight saw an area of the track significantly over watered and other areas under watered, remedial works were required to produce a consistent and safe surface. The results indicate that was achieved but only possible by the Club staff being allowed the opportunity to do so through the cooperation of GRV personnel, stewards and the trainers.


The Club is fortunate to have a wonderful and dedicated team in place, including race day staff, that are passionate about not only the Club but the industry and committed to the betterment of greyhound racing. The industry is lucky to have a participant base that is generally understanding of matters than can arise.


Participants can be guaranteed that the Club has fully reviewed the situation and have measures in place to do as much as possible to avoid a repeat occurrence.



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