Bendigo Cup

By Peter Quilty

The 2023 Group 2 Sportsbet Bendigo Cup series (425m) is held in October each year. The most recent edition of the Bendigo Cup was won by Alpha Zulu, a greyhound trained by Jason Thompson and part-owned by AFL great Jonathan Brown.

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First run in 1957, the Bendigo Cup has been won by a pantheon of stars including all-time great Fernando Bale (2015) and the only dual winner, Sweet Mandy (1961-62).

Champion trainer Jason Thompson has won the Bendigo Cup on five occasions – Typhoon Sammy (2022), Aston Bolero (2016), Ronan Izmir (2013), Peggy May (2012) and El Galo (2008).

The most recent Bendigo Cup was held in 2022 when won by Typhoon Sammy, who also collected a $50,000 bonus for ‘storming’ to three country cups in a calendar year.

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2023 Alpha Zulu Jason Thompson 23.49sec 425m
2022 Typhoon Sammy Jason Thompson 23.53sec 425m
2021 Paua Of Buddy Steven White 23.29sec 425m
2020 Yozo Bale Correy Grenfell 23.88sec 425m
2019 Crimson Vixen Norman McCullagh 23.79sec 425m
2018 Vanderworp (WA) Christopher Halse 23.62sec 425m
2017 Landmark Robert Britton 23.70sec 425m
2016 Aston Bolero Jason Thompson 23.72sec 425m
2015 Fernando Bale Andrea Dailly 23.40sec 425m
2014 (Jul) Warrior King Brooke Ennis 23.76sec 425m
2014 (Apr) Paw Licking Kelvyn Greenough 23.70sec 425m
2013 Ronan Izmir Jason Thompson 23.62sec 425m
2012 Peggy May Jason Thompson 23.68sec 425m
2011 Enry Walt Gary Ennis 24.21sec 430m
2010 Latifi Jiam Ronald Giles 23.98sec 430m
2009 Taipan Bale Graeme Bate 23.73sec 430m
2008 El Galo Jason Thompson 23.77sec 430m
2007 Airbourne Bale Robert Britton 23.87sec 430m
2006 Dragway Flex Graeme Bate 23.83sec 430m
2005 Smack Wallop Tina Womann 24.41sec 430m
2004 Brumby Lad John Bushell 24.17sec 430m
2003 Puzzle Prize Peter Giles 24.20sec 430m
2002 Hey Brother Robert Britton 24.31sec 430m
2001 Renzo Bale Thomas Dailly 31.44sec 545m
2000 Whitten’s Legend Thomas Dailly 24.20sec 430m
1999 Tom’s Legacy Colin Fawcett 24.14sec 430m
1998 Lansley Bale Graeme Bate 24.03sec 430m
1997 Sarah’s Deano Marion Siakew 24.21sec 430m
1996 True Type Alan Inglis 24.26sec 430m
1995 *** Not Held ***
1994 Thorgil Tex George Willis 24.14sec 430m
1993 Tivoli Man Robert Douglas 24.19sec 430m
1992 Belmont Rex Norris 24.61sec 430m
1991 He’s Jake George Blythe 24.64sec 430m
1990 Hard Rain Kenneth Brown 24.70sec 430m
1989 Mets Man John Tomblin 24.75sec 430m
1988 Naphlio
1987 Buka Sunset
1986 Stamp Of Learod
1985 Newstone Flyer
1984 Bronze Wing
1983 Meatworker
1982 Welcome Jag
1981 Official
1980 Slick O’Leary
1979 *** Not Held ***
1978 Fabey Forbes
1977 Worooa Jack
1976 Sue Silin
1975 Sidanna
1974 Proper Duke
1973 Borough Cheer
1972 Leicester Edie
1971 Melbourne View
1970 Andrew Takiri
1969 *** Unknown ***
1968 Rebelaire
1967 Princess Kerry
1966 *** Unknown ***
1965 Chief Anama
1964 *** Unknown ***
1963 Shan’s Jewel
1962 Sweet Mandy
1961 Sweet Mandy
1960 Eager Flight
1959 Slippermee
1958 Taranyka
1957 Cantee
WATCH: Typhoon Sammy produces a whirlwind win in the 2022 Bendigo Cup.

Pawnote: The club first raced at the Eaglehawk circuit just out of Bendigo in the 1950s. The Cup was run over 400 yards, but for a few years in the 1970s saw it go over 528 metres. When the club moved to Lords Raceway in 1988 the race was conducted over the sprint distance of 430 metres every year except 2001 when it was run over the middle distance of 545 metres. The 2022 winner (Typhoon Sammy) was the third on the new circuit at Lords Raceway over the popular distance of 425 metres.