As protocols and regulations are changing regularly during the COVID-19 pandemic this page will update whenever changes to protocols change at the BGRA. The current regulations in chronological order with the latest change listed first are:


15/4/2020 – Satisfactory trial health checks

Trainers attending the track for satisfactory trials must undergo a health check by Event Aid prior to admission to the venue. Note Event Aid is engaged for a 4 hour period of 2 hours prior to race 1 and 2 hours following race 1 therefore trainers must be on track no later than 2 hours after race 1 to be allowed entry for the satisfactory trial.


3/4/2020 – Health screening for participants and staff to be permitted on course

As of Monday 6 April 2020, health checks, provided by Event Aid, will be conducted on staff, officials and participants before being allowed entry to the course.


1/4/2020 – boxing procedure changes

As of Thursday 2 April 2020, the boxing of greyhounds at Victorian race meetings will revert to the four wave model/ Boxes 1 and 5 will be placed in first, followed by 3 and 7, 2 and 6 and 4 and 8.


26/3/2020 – further changes to boxing greyhounds procedure

As of Friday 27 March 2020, all greyhound races in Victoria will have a single file boxing process  - 1 through to 8, until further notice.

That is singularly boxing Number 1 first. followed by 2, followed by 3, followed by 4, followed by 5, followed by 6, followed by 7, followed by 8.

All handlers must be 2m back from the greyhound in front.


24/3/20 – further race day procedure changes 

  • Effective immediately:
  • a) Restrictions on the number of people inside rooms/enclosed areas – signage located on all doors;
  • b) Vetting Greyhounds in outdoor areas (where possible);
  • c) Removal of parading in front of the pavilion prior to each race;
  • d) Maintaining a minimum distance of 3 metres when walking Greyhounds to the starting boxes;
  • e) Boxing arrangements altered, called up in the following order – Boxes 1 & 5; Boxes 3 & 7; Boxes 2 & 6; then Boxes 4 & 8
  • f) Handlers are exited out of the starting area as soon as they have loaded their greyhound.


23/3/20 – operational changes

As of March 26 the following operational changes have been made to the conduct of race meetings:

  • a) Bar and kitchen/bistro facilities will be closed;
  • b) Patron areas and function rooms will remain open for use by those allowed to attend race meetings however room capacity regulations for social distancing must be adhered to;
  • c) Restrictions placed on number of people in each room in operation on race day as per the room measurements to adhere to the social distancing guidelines – room capacity numbers will be displayed and managed accordingly;
  • d) Race day trials will be limited to two dogs maximum per trial (ie. no half field trials) excluding satisfactory trials, to meet social distancing regulations behind the boxes and awaiting to trial;
  • e) No cash transactions on course – all payments for trials to be either online or by card


20/3/20 – Further attendance restrictions

As of March 23 the following attendance restrictions will be enforced in addition to previous restrictions:

a) children are not allowed at the track – no exceptions

b) all participants allowed on course as per previous regulations must be dressed in their “black and whites” at all times while on course – including to kennel


20/3/20 – Race day trial payments

As of March 20 all race day trial payments are to be made at the boxes with the main patron area off limits to trainers that do not have runners engaged at the race meeting


19/3/20 – Starter and travel fees to be paid direct credit

Commencing with race meetings Monday Mach 23 clubs will cease to pay starter and travel fees in cash on the day – payments will be made by GRV into trainers bank account via Fasttrack the day after the race meeting, Payments for racing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be processed Monday.



16/3/20 – Race meeting attendance restrictions – closed to the public

Effective immediately until further notice race meetings are closed to the public with attendance restricted to:

a) trainers (or trainers rep) with runners engaged at the race meeting

b) licensed catchers

c) accredited media (eg photographer)

d) essential staff and officials


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